Little Delirium Café

While the Little Delirium is not situated in the « Impasse de la Fidélité » as the Delirium and other Floris Bars (it is located across the Brussels’ Grand Place a few minutes walk from the Impasse) it is really part of Delirium Village.

If Delirium Village bars have their own specificity, beers of the world, beers on tap, absinths, rums, tequilas or vodkas the Little Delirium has none. Or rather it accumulates all of them! The Little indeed offers an assortment of beers (30 taps) and a selection of each of the spirit present in the Impasse. This is a concentrate of Delirium Village in one cozy bar and a few steps from the Grand Place.

A place for a well deserved break after long visiting hours.

Or simply to have a good time with friends, with everyone able to find something to suit their tastes.

Try the Little Delirium: a grand place for fun!